Recgonize this place? XXI

Instead of fine grained spaces that really make one feel studious, the overlords of UK in the 1960s and 70s gave us a zombie office park.   Well, it isn’t even really THAT charming.  This mindset migrated to downtown Lexington, where there too, we got an office park instead of a city.   Architecture really does influence our lives, and it is influential across the culture.  That’s why what gets built in our city is really so important.

These pictures were postcards advertising the U of K….except where’s the people?  Did the UK overlords think that third rate modern architecture would be the best emblem of the University?  They must have  thought “we’ve got modern architecture, therefore, we are a modern university.  People will see this and be impressed.”  But instead, the place only looks like a neutron bomb had gone off.

The shame is that we did have in our campus planning DNA a sliver of genius that we didn’t exploit as our model:  the Quad at the corner of Rose and Funkhouser.  Look at the picture below and see how that area is the only human scaled part of the whole campus – just be amazed at the bulk of the buildings and the empty aimless spaces between them.



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2 responses to “Recgonize this place? XXI

  1. The Quadrangle is one of the remaining vestiges of the original campus buildings. At the time it was completed it was the residential portion of the university property. The area along Washington, Graham and Gladstone was a residential subdivision called Southside Park and houses backed up to the current Funkhouser Dr. Across Rose St. was the Clifton Heights residential area which was begun in about 1900 and all very modest cottages. The triangle bounded by Washington, Limestone and Rose contained an elementary school(Jefferson Davis), a church(Porter Memorial), and a variety of retail establishments.

    It is a shame that that is all gone now and our education system cranks out their graduates from industrial style building just like any other industry would their product.

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