Lane Report: Ky business leaders betting on return to business as usual

The Lane Report surveyed 40 top Kentucky leaders in their fields about economic prospects in 2011 and the results are not surprising:  in reading their thoughts about the future,  we’re really hearing from the long dead past.  Yes, all are “optimistic” that “recovery” will gain momentum this year.  Every city, industry, and educational institution is “well positioned” to take advantage of the “upturn” in the economy.  “Growth” is returning, and the future is bright for Kentucky.

I guess a top leader cannot really say anything but those things or risk being labeled a pessimistic loser.  And just as likely, they all really believe what they are saying. In thier lifetimes, it has always seemed to have gotten better after tough times.  This time shouldn’t be any different, right? Things will get better, and everyone loves an optimist.

Yet in all the comments, there is not one word about the absolutely vital importance of sustainability – of living within our means of natural resources and energy.  Doing that would mean that the old concept of “growth” as we’ve known it would be limited at best.  Nature will do it for us though, but as long as we have this mindset at the helm of our state, we will continue to fight tooth and nail to try to return to the old days of business as usual. That will do nothing but continue to hold Kentuckians back.

On the other hand, an honest appraisal of our true situation  – energy decline, climate change, destructive globalism – would reveal a host of new opportunities for the state and our people.  We WILL end up there.  By mid-century, every place in the US will have transitioned to a low energy, local economy.  We could be getting started now, and be ahead of the game to our benefit, if we would only risk an honest look at reality.

Read it here:  Good Things Beginning to Happen in 2011


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