Ridin’ the Legacy Trail…and planning to extend it

Saturday morning was too beautiful.  Hopped on the old townie and headed out.  Temp was in the low 40s and it was WINDY – seems like every ride over the last year either on the trail on in town has been windy – I swear its getting windier here.

Saw about 20 folks out, but it was still early.  While I was enjoying myself and the scenery, I did make it from the Y to Ironworks and back in 78 minutes of riding time (on a heavy bike with big fat tires). Anyone out there timing themselves?

I think the trail is just about the best toy for adults in Lexington’s recent history. Its just so fun. And it could get longer soon!  We (the team that brought you the Legacy Trail) have had several meetings with some great folks from Scott County who want to see the trail extended to Georgetown.  The route is really simple, and it’s shorter to get to Georgetown than the initial phase of the trail was.  I’ll have my 5th year landscape architecture students working on a design this semester – our first community meeting with the Scott County group is Wednesday.  Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Ridin’ the Legacy Trail…and planning to extend it

  1. matt

    As a Scott County resident, this is a subject I’ve been interested in in some time, just happened to do a Google search tonight and found your post. Sounds like there’s some momentum behind this already.

    Any idea whom to contact regarding getting involved w/the Scott County group?

    • Hey Matt – start with the gtown scott co planning commission

      they have all the contact info

      my students will be there on wednesday afternoon at the extension office at 2:30

      and of course you can stay in touch with me

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