Recognize this place? XIV

We had this in the distant past when we were much “poorer” than today – click below to see what we got when we got richer

How can this be?  I think the story we tell ourselves – that we have it better today – is all wrong.  Yeah, there are more people with more money relative to our past, but there is no doubt that our civic realm leaves us poorer.   It’s as if our confidence in our ability to build a better world has crumbled.  Now we’re just going through the motions.  Perhaps this is truly the end of the era that began with the Renaissance 600 years ago.



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2 responses to “Recognize this place? XIV

  1. I, too, wish that we had kept that wonderful looking building. It was a gem. The problem with gems, is that they rise in cost as they become more rare. The old facility sat directly across the street from the main downtown train station and was the sole location for sorting and distributing the mail of Lexington and Central Kentucky. It was supplanted by a new facility in the ’30s when they built the Federal Court House and Post Office on Barr St. (which itself was replaced in the ’70s.)

    It is our desire to receive more and cheaper services that has led to the move away from “snail mail” toward email and even further to twitter and who knows what next. Someday in the future, the Post Rider Station will give way to a larger building (probably not fitting to the surroundings) and we will forget that it even existed there. Already we have forgotten that High St used to be lined with auto dealers showrooms and lots.

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