Who said it?

“Economic growth and environmental progress go hand in hand. Many measures indicate that wealth created by development has helped improve the environment, and the efficiencies generated in developed economies actually increase the stock of resources.  {We} make the positive case for abundant energy and promote environmental policies based on economic freedom, property rights, and limited government.”

Competitive Enterprise Institute:  Free Markets and Limited Government

Yes my friends, we have the power to “actually increase the stock of resources” on the Earth.  Like oil, or water, or soil, or air.  See, freedom has that kind of power.

And we shall have “abundant energy.” Why this means nothing more than proof that  God loves us, people.  He will enable us to – and wants us to  – continue living the exact lifestyle we live today. It is His will.  There shall never be consequences or limits to our wonderful lives. Laugh with Him as you realize He’s played a very funny trick on all the pointy headed scientists by getting them to believe that the resources of His nature are finite and that we can’t overcome the so-called “laws” of physics. They are nothing compared to freedom, property rights, and limited government!

I shit you not.


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