Recognize this place? XXV

The beginning of the end of the historic downtown.  Here, we see the concrete bunker and ribbon window fetish that is about to take over our downtown.  This building was inward focused, having no street connection – the building is setback from the street, like in buildings in the suburbs are.  Since most people lived in the suburbs by then, I guess it made some sort of sense to dress up downtown like the burbs so people would feel at home.   But the result is nothing but a bunker that has sapped the street life of that end of downtown for 2 generations.  When you hear about people being up in arms over this or that project’s design, remember:  architecture matters.  The idea of “private folks doing their own thing on their own property” having no impact isn’t true it all.  Everything that is done here influences all of our social and economic destinies.  We live in this city together.


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