Oil is more expensive than it’s ever been this time of year…but WHO’S COURTSIDE WITH THE CATS?

This chart is one of the most important pieces of information we can have today.  For, based on what we know happened in 2008,  it tells us what we can expect later this year, and with that foreknowledge, what impacts can be expected to occur.  Things like food and financial crises – both large scale and our own personal – as well where our economy is likely headed.  We can learn all that by simply applying the facts of three years ago to this year.  And make plans accordingly. (And don’t say, “well look it did come down”!  Because of the worst depression in 75 years – who wants that to be the reason oil prices come down?)

Or not.

We could instead see where Ashley Judd sits at UK basketball games!

Who is that courtside with the Cats, Part II?


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