Recognize this place? XXVI

Who would really want to sleep in a place called the Stables?  Have you ever smelled a stable?  Even in the swankiest Sheik’s stables, it smells like horse crap.  And pee. But I guess if you’re coming to the Horse Capital of the World, you gotta sleep where the true rulers sleep.

What became of this place?  Click here

Why it’s the Congress Inn on North Broadway.  The basic layout hasn’t changed much.  But I bet the rooms are…..I’ll leave it to your imagination.  The little pond is gone, replaced by a pool.  Pool or pond.  Pond would be better for you.



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3 responses to “Recognize this place? XXVI

  1. madtony

    This place is gone.. I went to see this for my self on Bing maps. It was there back when they took aerial photos for “bird’s eye view”, but it’s not there in their map images. You can see the imprint where the pool and entrances were located. It looks like the industry next door is parking their trucks there now.

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