Lexington’s Bike Pathways

Thanks to Creative Reader Aaron G – he’s created a website devoted to sharing the best bikeways in town.  I’ve said for a year on this blog that Lexington has the makings of a great bike commuter city (and others have been saying this for generations.).  There are safe and easy alternative routes across the city inside New Circle Road that a person of any skill could use to commute to work or for any other purpose.  I’m working on a map that shows these that we can get printed and put across the city.  Feel free to peruse my bike adventures above in Riding the Streets.
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From Aaron’s site:
“Lexington is a bikable town. It can be even more pleasant if you know the right route to take. The purpose of this blog is to share information about pathways through Lexington that make biking more pleasant. I will post routes I like to take, and I hope that others will send me their routes, so I can post them here. Currently I am using Route Builder to map my routes. It works, but if you know of a better program, use it.”

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