Coming apart at the seams…

I had a weird feeling of dissonance on a peaceful Friday evening as a calm late winter sunset settled over my backwater town. For a minute or two it sure seemed like the world was coming apart.
Yeah, yeah, I know, American’s brightest days are ahead, as Warren Buffet recently said. Yeah, yeah, I know that acknowledging reality gets one labeled as a pessimist in this country these days.
But still I couldn’t help it. For just a little bit.
  •  So many natural disasters so close upon each other’s heels:, the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and now Japan.
  • So many climate related disasters so close upon each other’s heels: Katrina, Russia, Australia, Pakistan.
  • Revolutions and civil wars in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Financial corruption continues globally.
  • Peak oil has arrived, ensuring more desperation over a dwindling resource.
  • Food is being priced out of reach for hundreds of millions of human beings as a consequence of climate change, peak oil, and rich-world financial speculation
  • Here in the US, there is an all out assault on the weakest among us at the same time there is an all out push to help the richest. And our president is standing on the sidelines.
  • We’ve been at war for nearly 10 years, with no end in sight. Imagine the good all the trillions of dollars we’ve spent destroying two countries could have done in this one.
  • Poverty in the US is at an all time high. 43 million of our fellow citizens are on food stamps.
  • Wages in the US are declining, leaving ever more people struggling to hang on, and getting angrier by the day.
  • US citizens are in personal debt to the tune of $13.4 trillion.  How does that ever get paid back?
  • The US government is in debt to the tune of $14.9 trillion.  How does that ever get paid back?
  • The city of Lexington is facing a $25 million shortfall between what it needs to run the city as we’ve come to know it and what we can afford – or are willing – to pay. 
  • Senseless violence has become one of the defining characteristics of our country.  I still keep thinking about the people in Tuscon, especially the young girl, who simply wanted to meet their Congress person.

I’m sure it gets better from here. I sometimes just don’t know how.


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