US Energy Chief Says Partial Meltdown Has Occurred At Fukushima, Urges All Us Citizens Within 80 KM To Evacuate

Zero Hedge again – just reported

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/16/2011 13:38 -0400

Update: Britain follows US in recommending all nationals in Tokyo and north of Tokyo evacuate

More on the earlier news that Steven Chu “thought” a partial meltdown may have occurred, the just released news escalates the verbiage, which is now a definitive: “US Energy Chief says ‘partial meltdown’ occurred at the Fukushima Plant.” The next step is his urgent recommendation for all US citizens who live within 80 kilometers of Fukushima to evacuate or take shelter indoors. Oddly enough, for the Japanese the evacuation radius is a fraction of this, but it is probably due to the government’s recent arbitrary decision to pick a number of 250 millisieverts as the maximum safe threshold for NPP workers. Somehow we assume this means Japanese DNA is about 2.5 times more resilient to damaging alpha, beta and gamma radiation, than that extracted from the US and all other countries.

We urge Japanese readers who have not already done so, to follow Chu’s advice and to get the hell away from Dodge, and evacuate to a minimum 50 mile safe distance.


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