Fortune Magazine -“Let’s get real”: the poor must suffer because the rich cannot

I shit you not, brother and sisters.  We’ve finally seen it in a MSM publication:  taxing the rich is unfair and if the poor have to suffer, so be it.

As CSN&Y once said;  “We’re finally on our own.”

Our friend Allan Sloan at Fortune has this to say about the fiscal issues of both New York and New Jersey:

 “But both governors — liberal New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo and conservative New Jersey Republican Chris Christie — are cutting social services to fill the gap and won’t even consider raising state income tax rates on the wealthy. What’s more, they’re even talking about cutting business taxes.

It’s a really cruel message, if you think about it. It’s telling people who are needy, many of whom are suffering the toxic after-effects of the Great Recession rather than having done anything wrong, that their needs are less important than those of upper-income types or businesses.

But you know what? It’s the rational way — and probably the right way — for Cuomo and Christie to behave.”

I. Shit. You . Not.

Oh, it gets better:   “I think that governors like Cuomo, Christie (whom I voted for), and Scott Walker of Wisconsin are behaving rationally by not wanting to raise income taxes.”

See, we dont live in an ideal world where it would be fair to actually assess people fairly : “In an ideal world, we’d handle state and local problems in a rational way, spreading pain among public employees, taxpayers, and services recipients. That isn’t going to happen. Rationality seems to have vanished from public life — or at least from political life.

You may not like the idea of closing state budget gaps without asking for more money from high-income people (including me) who benefited directly or indirectly from the federal bailout. Some days I don’t like that idea either. But let’s get real. Raising income taxes in a world in which people and capital are ultra-mobile is a dangerous game for any state. Cuomo and Christie are wise not to be playing it.”

According to this guy, if you tax someone for their fair share, they’ll just move out of your state.  And then where would you be?  So take it losers, and be glad it isn’t worse.  Fortune magazine doesnt deal with you.

Dont believe me?  Read the hatred here

This is about the worst I’ve ever read. A man who comes across as well meaning….but he is doing the evil work of making it seem acceptable to diminsh real human beings for the sake of money.   Read his own words.

He is not a Nazi.  But this stuff did happen in the 1930s.  The “press” was empressed to state a point of view that benefited the regime.  I’m just saying that’s how shit happens.


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One response to “Fortune Magazine -“Let’s get real”: the poor must suffer because the rich cannot

  1. Dave

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Oil extraction is at a plateau getting ready for decline.
    The wind of history is changing. Can you feel it?

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