Are airports the cities of the future?

A new book “Areotropolis:  The Way We’ll Live Next” makes the case that airports indeed will be the cities of the future. Seems natural in the 21st century.  Speed, high tech,global connections, glamorous – airports have them all. (Well US airports are not glamorous….but they should be the author’s say.)

Here’s a glowing review of the book from Bloomberg Businessweek: the book is a “….fascinating and important work. An evangelist of sorts, Kasarda travels the world preaching to companies, cities, and countries that they must embrace the new rules of commerce or risk getting left behind. These rules center around the “aerotropolis”—some combination of an enormous airport, planned city, shipping hub, and futuristic office park.”

But….this idea is really 30 years too late.

Peak oil will decimate the airline industry. Peak oil will mean less flying, not more.  Building anything around an airport is guaranteedto be doomed to failure.

It’s not sexy folks, but the city of the future will look a whole lot like a city from the past.  That doesnt have to be a bad thing, as we disconnect from the global world and turn our focus to improving our local one.

Here’s the diagram.  This is nothing but a high energy sprawl burb.  We’ve got enough of those.  This is a really ridiculous idea.


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  1. Tim

    This is such an awful idea, it’s almost unbelievable that people are taking it seriously. Like the guy that came up with it did it as a joke, and someone moron said hey, let’s publicize it!

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