Who said it?

“Solar power actually is doubling every two years and has been for 20 years. Regardless of all the political debates, the actual output in watts has been doubling every two years. It’s eight doublings away from meeting 100 percent of our energy needs. So when I presented this to the Prime Minister of Israel, he said, ‘But do we have enough sunlight to do this with?’ I said, ‘Actually, we have 10,000 times more than we need.’ After we double eight more times and can meet all of our energy needs with solar, we’ll be using one part in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the earth. So, we’re actually awash in resources. If you look at how these exponentially growing technologies are being applied, there’s a lot more resources and opportunity to overcome these problems.”

Ray Kurzweil in Businessweek

This is very positive.  I just don’t know enough to know if it is realistic.  What do you think?


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One response to “Who said it?

  1. Rod lindauer

    I worry that the required oil infrastructure will give out before we can switch to solar in a meaningful way. Solar PV manufacturing is very water and energy intensive, plus there are problems with grid tie in. I’ve seen some calculations that show home based PV systems are net energy losers. I think that the whole manufacturing equation may collapse in the US before we see any broad move towards any type of renewables, in which case the military will annex any solar facilities and nuclear plants.

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