Recognize this place? XXVII

In keeping with the theme of “motels that are no more.”

Alert reader Madtony pointed out that the Stables Inn, more recently the Congress Inn, had been torn down within the last year or so.  (To make room for an RV showroom parking lot.  Yeah, that’s a sucky business to be in as we watch gas prices rise precipitously)

Here we have the Springs Inn. I’ve featured the Springs before;I was in Lexington with my family in 1977 and we stayed here.  We all walked across Harrodsburg Road to visit the movie theater in the Mall to see Star Wars.  I was almost 13 years old.   So that and the fact that my family held reunions at the place from 1967 until right before it was torn down make me somewhat attached to the place.

This card carries a postmark from 1954. When, as the back proclaims, it was “located a mile south of Lexington, Ky.”  So try to picture this image of Southern Gentility surrounded by fields (and the post war homes to the rear and sides of the property.)  Ah, but travelers were not isolated; there was a radio in every room!

And as you can clearly see, the Springs was the “Largest and Finest in the World.”  That was a pretty bold claim.  But if true, didn’t we lose something important when it was torn down?

here’s the back

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