Is LEX a great place for women to reach the top in business?

Back in the winter, Business Lexington issued the “Book of Lists” for 2011.  Very nicely done. Lots of interesting information. Especially when it comes to the gender of the CEO/top person of the firms listed.

Here’s a break down

Business Type                    # of Firms       # w/Female leader – % of total

Accounting firms                  17                                  1                    5.8%

Advertising                             17                                  8                      47%

Banks                                        33                                  1                        3%

Insurance                               16                                  1                     6.25%

Law                                           18                                  2                       11%

Hospitals                                16                                  1                     6.25%

Physicians groups              14                                  8                      57%

Bourbon distillers                9                                  0                        0

Manufacturers                     32                                  1                       3.1%

Architectural firms            16                                  3                     18.75%

And one interesting category:  First Time Recipients of Venture Club Funding:  there were 30 recipient businesses  – 2 were led by a female

So these stats are just out there to keep in the back of your mind.

The Book does have a section profiling women in leadership positions around the region, which is very nice.

I can’t find a link to send you to.  Just find a copy or I’ll loan you mine if you want to check my figures.

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