Ladies and Gentlemen: The New York Dolls

The Dolls were everthing a rock band should be – shocking, loud, arrogant, flashy, funny, juvenile, maybe a little dim (“flying around New York City so high like he was my baby…”)

this video was made only 15 years after Elvis was on TV shaking things up.  The Dolls were far more influential than they ever get credit for in the mainstream – but they also gave us KISS, so they got that going for them.


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3 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen: The New York Dolls

  1. Danny

    Steve–have you read Please Kill Me? It’s a sort of oral history of punk put together by Legs McNeil that spans late 60s (MC5, Iggy) on through the demise of the first wave of the CBGB scene in the late 70s/early 80s. I’m not the biggest punk fan, but it’s one of my favorite reads. You might like it.The Dolls figure into it.

    • I love Please Kill Me – the title of which was ripped off from Richard Hell, originally from the LEX. Thus I like to think punk started here. Do you know Mr. Hell? Could we ever get him to come back to the place where he was spawned? THAT would be some creative class shit.

      • Danny

        He was supposed to come back (temporarily) for the release of JT Dockery’s Spud Crazy book/comic/album at Institute 193, but for whatever reason didn’t make it. I think another person in that book/era was from Lexington, too. Wayne County, maybe, one of the transvestites who was part of the NY scene. Can’t recall at the moment.

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