Recognize this place? XXVIII

More of the “lost motels of Lex”

Here was the newest and most modern – at least in the mid 1950s. The location was the around the intersection of Limestone and Rose.  What else can we make of this – Mr. Sweeper?

Gram and Gramp stayed in the room marked with the X.  Must have been a good room.  They crossed the Ohio River at 6:10.  (am? pm?) Must have been a big milestone back then:  “Honey, we’re getting ready to cross the Ohio River. Brace yourself.”

here’s the back


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2 responses to “Recognize this place? XXVIII

  1. This was the southernmost of the two motels in the triangle bounded by Washington, Rose and S. Lime. The angle of the photo is deceiving as the building set perpendicular to the street (the sidewalk in the lower left is at the curb of Limestone).

    The other motel was the Center Motel(find a postcard for that one) and featured a swimming pool on the roof. It was similar in design to the Town and Country apartments in Chevy Chase, which I believe was also started as a motel and probably by the same folks. The Rosenbergs if I recall correctly.

    These motels served the University and to some extent the new hospital when it was built. I remember attending my high school football games at Heber Field behind the Jefferson Davis Elementary School which stood in the general location of the parking garage for the Ky Clinic. There was also a Ball dairy store( ice cream) and the Perkins Pancake House right in there.

    Both motels were bought by the University in 1968 and use as offices for several years.

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