Recgonize this place? XXIX

Where was this place?  I’ve lived here since 1982 and can’t seem to recall it.  The back says this place was located two miles south of Lexington on US 27.   Since there aren’t any motels of this type in that area, I can only conclude the site has long been redeveloped.

Where ever it was, it was low on charm.  Was there a tree shortage back when these pictures were taken?  I count one baby evergreen in the great lawn.  Who decided it should go there?  Did one umbrella table break free from the pool enclosure only to get stuck in the grass?


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2 responses to “Recgonize this place? XXIX

  1. Look at the corner of Nicholasville and Regency where the Walgreens and O’Charley’s are. The Howard Johnson’s became the Greenleaf Inn in later days and then just faded into history.

  2. Steve Stone

    I stayed at the Greenleaf when I was shopping for houses in 1998. It had a real 70’s Kentucky state lodge feel.

    The old Greenleaf sign is still there on Nicholasville Rd, serving as a great honeysuckle trellis.

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