No energy without risk…?

After the horrible nuclear events in Japan, many pro-business people have rushed to tell us that it’s bad and all but what can we do?

After all, if we don’t want to go back to the stone age, we just must learn to deal with these kinds of events.  

In one commentary in Bloomberg Businessweek, the author remarked:  “Events of the past year—in the Gulf, in the mines of West Virginia, and now on the coast of Japan—have again taught us that there is no energy without risk.”  In fact the subheadline of the entire article says:  “Nuclear accidents like Japan’s Fukushima crisis are scary. So is a future without nuclear power”

What BS. 

We are so out of balance with nature.  The risks we accept come from exploiting the planet in ways that were never intended.  It can be inferred that it was never intended by the damage that both carbon and nuclear energy do to the planet – including us.  We are nothing but little creatures on this swirling rock, not captains of industry or masters of the laws of physics.

Further, what is the fear of living within the means safely provided by this planet?  Do we hate ourselves so much that we have to expend energy in unsafe ways to make our insecure selves feel better?

When – IF – we get back to a solar based economy, the risks will all but disappear.   We will again be in balance with the planet on which we live.  Until then, all will be strife.

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