YEA!! High tech call center jobs a’commin’ – only 48,000 more needed

Yep, here we have our mayor and chamber director cheering over 220 new jobs.  Damn, that’s a lot in this economic climate.  Sure glad we were picked over the 3 other states that were competing for them.   Welcome to the LEX, Mr. Call Center Jobs Creating Company.

What’s that?  The jobs only pay $12.51 an hour, including benefits? Yikes.  Welcome to the race to the bottom.

Let’s figure a payroll tax of $11.00 an hour exclusive of benefits.  At 2.25%, each job will add $514 to the city’s coffers each year.  Multiply that times 220 and the city will get a whopping $113,256 a year.

Now to close that $25 million gap, we’ll only need 48,638 more jobs like this in Lex.


Lexington call center to hire 220

By Scott Sloan —

Mar 31, 2011

A new call center is expected to open in Lexington by summer, creating 220 jobs.

Allconnect Inc. plans to spend nearly $7 million to open a 32,000-square-foot in-bound sales and customer support center on the Coldstream Research Campus.

“It’s good to welcome Allconnect, a new corporate citizen bringing jobs to Lexington,” Mayor Jim Gray said in a statement. “Our people need jobs, and we need to compete in every arena.”

Commerce Lexington chief executive Bob Quick said, “Lexington is thrilled to be the top city selected amongst four cities and three states.”

For information on applying for jobs, go to

Allconnect is based in Atlanta, and its call center employees will work with consumers to order or transfer home services such as satellite and cable television, Internet, telephone and home security. The company’s customers include AT&T, Dish Network, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and Verizon.

The jobs are expected to pay an average hourly wage of $12.51, including benefits, according to information the company provided to the state. The company has been approved for $2.2 million in tax incentives by the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority.


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2 responses to “YEA!! High tech call center jobs a’commin’ – only 48,000 more needed

  1. Danny

    I guess that’s the type of cutting edge industry UK/Coldstream envision populating their business park. Glad to see they’ll get TIF funds to do so, in addition to the 2.2 million tax break this specific company got.

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