Recgonize this place? XXXI

UPDATED – Dead motel edition.

No you didnt miss one – there was no XXX – I felt like a headline that included that number would have garnered unwelcome interest.

So, this says the “lakeview” was located “on US 25, New Circle Road NE”  – I got hung up on the confusing New Circle Road description and completely missed the Richmond Road address – definitely read the comment below…  still need to know if there was a lake…



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3 responses to “Recgonize this place? XXXI

  1. Quite clearly it says on the back that it was on Richmond Road. U.S. 25 and 421 arrive in Lexington from the south on Richmond Road and proceed through downtown via Main St until the split at Newtown Pike. Prior to the mid ’60s the split would have been at the Old Georgetown intersection(W. Main Marathon station). The Georgetown Rd carries U.S. 25 and Leestown Road carries U.S. 421. Older maps show that the New Circle Rd (Bypass) was a business route for both 25 and 421.

    The date on this post card shows that the completion of New Circle(from the south)was still about 12 years away. If I recall, the motel was about where the Bob Evans sets and there was an older motel on the corner of Mt Tabor. Since they had to build an embankment for the interchange bridge it is hard to imagine now, but there would have been a view of the lake where the Home Depot is now.

    I think that you missed a perfect opportunity to post a card of the Yocum’s Motor Lodge, corner of Nicholasville and Waller, where the sign advertised room rates by the hour. Definitely a triple X type joint if there ever was one.

  2. Actually there was something that bothered me in the photo and that is the power lines in the background. They are just too high for the aforementioned location, so I checked a little further. A set of power lines run along side the fire station and the former Lexington Mall site but that is too far away from the intersection. Another set of lines also crosses Richmond Rd at the Lakeside Golf Course entrance and across from the Lake Ellerslie Fishing dock and THAT is where I now believe that the motel was located.

    I am sorry that I jumped on this without looking at all the details and not checking more closely.

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