Good news on the Legacy Project front

Still lots of good things happening around the Legacy Projects.

We are celebrating Isaac Murphy’s 150th birth year with lots of activities.   A key one is at birthday party at Blue Grass Stakes Day at Keeneland on April 16th.  Come out and support Isaac! We’ll also be doing an archeological dig on Isaac’s house, which stood where the park will be.  Look for that in early May.

We’re more than 80% of the way toward reaching our goal of having $500,000 to complete the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden. We’re doing big fund-raising, as well as micro fund raising.   You can text “Isaac” to 85944 to donate $10. You can also swing by Third Street Stuff and purchase a handmade lucky horseshoe made by kids at the 7th Street Kid’s Cafe. All proceeds go to the park.  Thanks Jodie K!

We’ve also – with poet and biker Frank X Walker – created the Isaac Murphy Bike Club, as a way to link inner city youth with the Legacy Trail.  Our goal is to outfit 100 kids with a complete biking set – including helmet  – this year.  You can text “Isaac – Bike” to 85944 to donate $10.   If you have a gently used kids bike, you can drop it off at our bike corral at the High Street YMCA.  The bike will go to a kid, and you’ll get a tax deduction.

See our Facebook page for more details.

To begin this process, we supported a bike rodeo on Monday April 4 for kids in the East End at the William Wells Brown elementary school.  We had 26 kids come out – during spring break! – and they learned safety and laws from Lexington Police, basic maintenance, as well as just how to have even more fun on a bike. We’ll do more of this as we get more kids bikes, and we’ll have an inaugural Isaac Murphy Bike Club Ride later in May during Bike Lexington Month.

Finally, we’ve been working on improving the Legacy Trail.  Last week, folks from the YMCA, volunteers and professionals from Henkel/Denmark planted 46 fruit trees on the Trail.  Our goal is to make the Legacy Trail and “Edible Trail” to teach people about fruit trees and to encourage healthy eating.   We’ll do more planting as time goes on. Thanks Geoff M for the photos.

We’ve also secured funding to complete the first phase of the Legacy Trail art program, so look for more art on the Trail soon.

We also need volunteers to do things that the city just can’t afford to do but that will ensure that we keep the Legacy Trail the highest possible quality.  Let me know if you want to help – nothing to hard but it is vital.


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