My New Wave Passed…

As punk’s tide rolled out in the early 1980s, a New Wave emerged.  Being here in the LEX, it was hard to get exposed to much, as it was really rooted in the East Coast.  But I did dig me some early 80s superstars.  It seemed fun, and light.

Take Adam Ant.  He was big.  For about a year.  He came to the LEX on Tuesday March 8, 1983.  Memorial Coliseum.  I  went.  I was a freshman at UK.   I wish I could say it was a great show.  After nearly 30 years I only remember a lot of jumping and weak vocals.  What was great was seeing the homegrown freaks coming out of the woodwork.  Gave me some encouragement that I wasnt completely alone.

After the show, there was a “reception” for Mr. Ant at B.C.’s Chilli – where Tally Ho is now. There was a back room.   My girlfriend knew Brooks Carter (BC).  We went into the back room.  And there he was – flashy, heavily make-uped, and tiny.   My brush with greatness.

The opening act for the Ants was INXS.  INXS was just beginning to break.  They played a decent set.  I had no inkling how big they would get over the next couple of years.  This song was huge later in ’83. 

Sadly, neither of the lead singers that night ended up in very good places.


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