Recognize this place XXXII

Coliseum Lexington Kentucky

I have always thought this was one of Lexington’s better buildings.  Sharply defined, blending angles and curves, expressing interior function, a strong entrance, restrained decorative motif, even somewhat heroic….boldy modern on what was then a historic campus.  it seems to me the epitome of what a campus auditorium should look like, circa mid-20th century. Not a bad record for a place that is now 61 years old.

I have a lot of good memories inside this place too.  I was at UK’s second midnight madness in October of ’83 – just walked in – perhaps the last time that one was able to do that.  (I skipped the ’82 version, but I do remember my friends going). I vividly remember Kenny Walker in ’83, so tall and skinny and so full of promise.  I saw Adam Ant, INXS, REM, and 10,000 Maniacs here. I was an impressionable youth. 

God, it’s hard for me to realize that when I was going into the place in 1983 it was only 33 years old.  Younger than Rupp is now. It seemed old in a way that Rupp does not. But old in a good way that Rupp does not have.

here’s the backside of the card – points if you can decipher


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