Who said it?

“…there is no question suburbs and lower-density cities can be made more environmentally sustainable by such relative low-cost, relatively unobtrusive steps, these including insulation and tree-planting as well as the adoption of more fuel-efficient automobiles and a greater embrace of telecommuting, which is by far the fastest form of commute to work.”

Our favorite right wing city thinker, Joel Kotkin

In this piece – The Dispersionist Manifesto – he makes the case for creating cities by giving people what they want.  Instead of cramming everyone together in horrible high rises, he advocates for letting people choose suburbia.  See, in Joel Kotkin’s world there are no limits.  Well, there wouldn’t be except for those totalitarian city planners who want to deprive us of the joys of suburbia.  And all we need to keep enjoying the suburban life are insulation, trees, fuel efficient cars and telecommuting.Seriously, he said that.

Alright I cant be nice anymore.  This is nothing but drivel passing for serious thinking.  The only reason this moron gets an audience is that he says what other old white guys want to hear:  suburbs good, cities bad. But suburbs are nothing but the greatest misallocation of resources the world has ever seen (thanks Jim Kunstler). The suburban experiment will fail on high energy prices and the collapse of the global ponzi economy.

Many people will move toward huge cities.  Many people will return to their small town or rural roots.  But most will remain where they are:  in suburbia. But the suburbia that will evolve will function much more like cities, small towns, and rural areas than the monoculture it is today.  That’s our true challenge.  To make the suburbs livable will mean changing them forever.


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