Two things getting under my skin

  1. “I remember the oil crisis of the 1970s when people were saying we were running out of oil and it was solved with technology. The same will happen now.”
      Well, I too remember the oil crisis of the 1970s. But my point is this: technology didn’t solve the oil crisis of the 1970s – which was caused by the US passing peak oil. What “solved” it was drilling in Alaska and importing oil from Saudi Arabia. Now, nearly 40 years later, those sources are drying up. Technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. We are in – and have been, but chose to ignore for those decades – an unsolvable energy decline. It is now a crisis only because we did nothing to mitigate it by developing renewables during that time. 

2. “All this talk about using less energy is nothing but a value choice. And I choose not to make that choice.”

      Living with declining energy is not a value choice but simply a reality forced on us because we live on a finite plant with a lot of people. To all my capitalist friends I only offer this: declining supply and increasing demand will increase price. Increasing price will ration use, especially as our incomes continue to decline. We will use less energy whether or not we like it. We should be planning our city to respond to this.

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