Dinosaurs lumbering down Main Street

Yep – NASCAR comes to town.

There are few better analogies about the changes we face than this:  enormous vehicles hauling smaller ones inside so that people can spend lots of money to see them go around in circles.   Peak oil marks the beginning of the end of this type of “entertainment.”  Not only is the cost to stage these spectacles going to increase faster than the average person’s ability to pay, inflation in other things will force hard choices on the fans:  “let’s see, gas for work, or NASCAR?”  “food for the kids, or NASCAR?” (Ticket prices range from $85 to $110 – then go up from there for various “packages.” So a family of four would spend at least $400 to watch a 3 hour race one that could be seen on TV for free. How long is that gonna last?)

The only brightening hope for many folks I’d guess, is that at least by watching these things, they know they are doing their part to stick global warming in the faces of us elitist liberals.




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2 responses to “Dinosaurs lumbering down Main Street

  1. Some other things to consider:
    While the race cars drive on e15 Ethanol mix, the semis hauling them run on the more expensive diesel fuel.
    The NASCAR teams do not pay for their race fuel.
    The police escort comes at a time when the budget can hardly afford any more luxuries. Even if we were reimbursed, our police did not NEED to use so much time and effort.
    Isn’t glorifying basketball enough for this state?

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