The Republican Jobs Plan: Greed + Pollution = Jobs

More juvenile asshattery from the angry white men.  Seriously, what if a Democratic congressman had held a sign saying “war = death,” or “pollution = death,” or “greed = death” during one of W’s speeches?  (That’s Jeff Landry R- La holding the sign.  What a winner. The people in Louisiana must be so proud of him for sitting up to the black Kenyan socialist – that takes some guts.)

Oh but I guess in this mental midget’s mind, drilling does create jobs – lets look at a few of the golden oldies, shall we?

Who can forget the TARBALL SHUFFLE?

And don’t tell me you forgot the OIL SLICK BOOM DRAG?

BIRD BIRD BIRD, OILY BIRD IS THE WORD – lots of jobs hand cleaning wildlife

THE OIL SPILL SWEEPERS – what a great group

And think of all the spin off jobs that drilling creates:

Including doing the CLAIMS ADJUSTER TWIST

and finally, think of all the counseling he’ll need as he looks for another job

Yes, Jeff Landry, you are right, Drilling does = jobs.


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