Climate change: happening faster than anyone thought

The pictures below are scary – but so have been the pictures of tornadoes, fires, floods, and droughts. Next year could even be worse. What are we doing here in Lexington to adapt to a changed climate?  Disaster relief plans?  New building codes? Infrastructure planning? Changing our land use codes to mitigate fossil fuel waste?

Nope.  Nada. Instead we get “Arts and Entertainment Districts” and Centerpointe redesigns.  I thought we were a smart town.


From Grist

Alun Hubbard, a researcher at Aberystwyth University’s Center for Glaciology in Wales, recently returned from Greenland’s Petermann Glacier. Polar scientists last photographed the glacier, located in the northwest corner of the country, in the summer of 2009. They went back this summerto see how much ice it has lost in just the last two years, and the results were dramatic.

“Although I knew what to expect in terms of ice loss from satellite imagery, I was still completely unprepared for the gob-smacking scale of the breakup, which rendered me speechless,” Hubbard said in response to the images. Below, you can see the original shots from 2009 beside those taken this summer:

Before and after shots.


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One response to “Climate change: happening faster than anyone thought

  1. We are a smart town. On the surface we look very smart with all the folks who have advanced degrees and such. And we are making(or trying to make) downtown look very smart. With all to talk of not following “the same old failed policies” to solve our jobs situation, we want to follow the old patterns of development and urban growth. Disaster preparedness has never been Lexington’s forte because, if you look, the old community shelter plan only took care of about 1/3rd of the population and only for a few short months. Everyone thought that we would bounce back from the deepest recession in two generations by a few simple actions and then the same old economics. It is going to take a completely new world direction, not just in Lexington.

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