Who said it?

“We don’t like being told what to eat; we don’t like being told how much to exercise; we don’t like being told what we’ve got to drive….”

Rush Limbaugh, in a typically racist rant where he goes on to call the First Lady “uppity.”

While that is disgusting, the deeper truth to me lies in what he says American’s don’t like.  We don’t like being told that there are limits, because we are Americans, and Americans can never be wrong about anything we choose to do.

It’s this attitude which will spell our doom.   We will fight the world to get “our” oil.  We will pollute the world, to keep ourselves comfortable. We will destroy our own communities in the name of greed.  We will even poison our own bodies with filth disguised as food.  Because we are Americans, and that’s what we must do to be Americans.  And don’t tell us anything different.

Scarily, this thinking is not confined to the 1%, nor only a handful of angry white men who listen to hate radio, but there is a majority of people who believe this.

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