Lawrence Kansas has a peak oil plan: why don’t we?

Hell if the cornhead Jayhawkers in a college town can begin planning for the future, why can’t we? If we really care about economic “growth” then why don’t we have a plan to avoid dealing with the end of growth that would actually put our city in an advantageous position relative to other cities that don’t have a plan?  I think the problem is the wannabe 1%ers who run this town do not want to ever hear anything that contradicts their worldview.  That problem must not exist in Lawrence as the city council there unanimously approved the Peak Oil Task Force Report

From the report:

“If our community fails to anticipate and respond to the end of affordable, plentiful oil, the eventual scarcity and expense of everything dependent on petroleum may well leave Lawrence with a limited and unappealing range of choices. But if Lawrence is proactive in transitioning to lower oil use, it may be able to choose optimal transportation modes and lifestyles. The challenge is to develop local alternatives to oil before the need becomes severe. A related challenge involves presenting those local alternatives as opportunities that Lawrence’s citizens will embrace.”

Key Conclusions
This report, Solutions to Peak Oil Vulnerabilities: A Response Plan for Lawrence, Kansas, is based on the following key conclusions:
1. Reliable sources, including the U.S. Department of Energy, predict that worldwide demand for oil soon will exceed known worldwide supply and extraction rates.
2. Oil and oil-related products will become increasingly expensive and difficult for communities to procure.
3. Lawrence is vulnerable to peak oil challenges in areas such as transportation; food supply; water, wastewater, and solid waste treatment; energy delivery; emergency services; and communications.
4. Reducing local demand for and consumption of oil and oil-related products will be Lawrence’s most immediately effective strategy for coping with peak oil challenges.
5. Lawrence should initiate adaptive measures before the need becomes severe.
6. Communicating peak oil challenges and recommended actions to the citizens of Lawrence will increase the effectiveness of adaptive measures.

The goal of this report is to chart a course for a resilient local government, a resilient business community, and resilient patterns for living and working.


Sounds good and reasonable – why don’t we have a plan like this? Especially since we are entering into a new comprehensive planning phase….

I really like this economic growth aspect:  “Partner with the Chamber of Commerce and economic development interests to aggressively recruit businesses engaged in research and manufacturing of renewable
energy technologies.

Read the whole thing here


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