Some thoughts on the Rupp Arena Redesign…..

As we ponder over the renderings showing a gleamingly refurbished Rupp Arena and the shiny new adjacent buildings, something pretty sad jumps out at me:  the coal smoke pouring from UK’s electric plant.

We will never be the city of our imagination until we address the twin realities we face:  resource depletion and global warming.  All the slick pictures showing what could be are meaningless as long as we have the largest carbon footprint in the nation.  No amount of work on renovating the Palace of Rupp to keep the masses placated 30 nights a year will lead us to the city we need to become.  See, all the buildings shown in the picture will be powered by coal – unless some huge leap of consciousness occurs among our city’s leaders, which seems to be unlikely.

How many more mountains will be destroyed to power these buildings?   How much more pollution will we tolerate to get this shiny city?  How will we afford the ever increasing costs of fossil fuels?

The city we need to be lies in the answers to those questions.

But I think most people will ask when the view these drawings is one most important to them:  where are the parking lots?

All that said, I do like how the Town Branch weaves into and through the entire complex.



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One response to “Some thoughts on the Rupp Arena Redesign…..

  1. All that massive, gleaming roof and not a mention anywhere of adding solar collectors to offset the power usage in the building. Whereas the current set-up could use the solar gain for the Civic Center operations, once the arena is “set free” it would only be used sparingly.

    I certainly hope that they will use the arena more than 60-100 times a year.

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