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“It ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in introducing a new order of things, because the innovator has for enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions, and lukewarm defenders in those who may do well under the new.  This coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents – who have the laws on their side – and partly from the incredulity of men, who do not readily believe in new things until they have had a long experience of them.” Nicollo Machiavelli, The Prince

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  1. Kate Sprengnether

    Hi–I am trying to learn more about peak oil…urged on by a friend from Wisconsin, who is a member of a group called “Transition”. Do you know if there is a Transition group in Lex or CKY? I have enjoyed reading your blog & following some of the links. Thank you for doing this!


    • steveaustinlex

      Thanks Kate – I think Berea had a transition group working – but I dont know how active they are – I’m trying to lay the groundwork for doing transition here

      • Dwight Lacy

        Steve Austin,

        How are you doing? First I want to confirm that are you the landscape architect from Lexington Ky – Chevy Chase area? If so, I have some questions about a story I read in the Chevy Chaser magazine about a Beautification project on Euclid and High Streets.

        I am currently a Broadcast Journalism student at UK, and I am apart of the UK Student News Network. We report and produce daily newscast at 4:00 pm on channel 16 which is broadcasted to all of Fayette and parts of Scott County.

        I would like to interview you about this project, your involvement in it and how you feel it will enhance the Chevy Chase neighborhood. Ideally this story would run Wednesday evening. When is a good time and place that we meet up and discuss this project and its progress? I am available Sunday and Monday morning and after 2 pm.

        I can also be reached at djlacy2@uky.edu or 502 500 1191

        Dwight Lacy

  2. As this applies to no particular post, i thought that I would put it here.

    Lexington promotes itself as the “Horse Capital of the World” and as such it is a major tourist destination. Places like the Kentucky Horse Park and the rolling countryside are used as a calling card to the rest of the world to come see, enjoy and spend money. The current world-wide tourism industry relies on oil as does the rest of our local economy. How do you see Lexington faring as a tourist destination after the energy reset that will be initiated by Peak oil?

    • steveaustinlex

      Oh, this is a good one. Thanks, Mr. Sweeper.

      Look for me to expand on this in a post.

      Peak oil means simply that distance will cost. Lots. Like we’ve never experienced.

      That will impact us here in two ways:

      1. Flying or driving to get here (like any other tourist area in the world) will become very expensive. It won’t end tourism per se, as humans have been tourists since forever. What it will do is end the idea of mass consumption of our region. So the idea of building any macro economy on tourism here isn’t going to work.

      And then there’s….

      2. Peak horse business. The horse industry became large when energy was cheap in the late 1800s and then became global after that from the 1920s. Increasing costs of transport, among the other oil dependent things required to keep an international horse farm going, as well as the shrinking lending/borrowing availability that comes with peak oil, as we’ve seen in the last 3 years, will hurt this low margin “industry” (which,as a reminder, is a peddler of flesh, something which we in the South seem to have no problem with….and I do love the landscape and keeneland no matter)

      Mr. Sweeper, I’d rather people come here as tourists to see our sustainability efforts rather than our efforts to keep things the same. But that’s me. I dont think they’ll come here much either way with peak oil.

      Thanks for prompting me


  3. Matt

    Found some great food sustainability discussions today at theoildrum.com. The comments are really great. The first one is inspiring me to try potatoes this year in my garden.


    The second has a great comment by WNC Observer


    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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