ResilientLEX Manifesto

We are going down a new path – we need a new set of goals – this is a DRAFT – thoughts and comments welcome

ResilientLEX Manifesto:

Renewable energy :  we will be energy independent

Carbon neutral :  we will offset any fossil fuels we use through tree planting and open space programs

Distributed  infrastructure:  we will shift to small-scale, neighborhood based systems of water supply, waste disposal, and energy generation

Environment : We will restore all streams, have zero storm run-off, conserve soil and water, and have great air quality; we will adapt to a changed climate

Closed loop:  we will have zero waste, either through recycling or waste-to-energy generation

Place based : we will consume locally grown food and our buildings and infrastructure will be produced from local materials

Local Economy:  we will utilize local production, networks, and a local currency

Community: every person will have the opportunity to connect  to the community;  we will build only mixed income and mixed-use neighborhoods

Transportation:  we will give priority to non-motorized and shared transit

Success in these areas will ensure that we are as invulnerable as possible to the shocks that will occur.

Each one of these areas is also a business opportunity.  But they are different opportunities from the World War 2 model we’ve been working under for 65 years: big and centralized is better.  Yes, for storming the beaches at Normandy and Iwo Jima big and centralized was better, but now big and centralized is just vulnerable.  And that’s a security issue for us nationally and personally.  Today, small and local is best.


5 responses to “ResilientLEX Manifesto

  1. Peter Kageyama

    Steve, check out these guys:

    I know several of them and one of the guys is going to be attending the Summit. I will introduce you if you like.

  2. Drew


    Your script prompts a much needed discussion about the need for radically-emerging urbanisms in our slowly evolving homogeneous landscape, especially in one with a colonial, top-down upbringing . The language you use encourages me to continue rejecting the lexicon and frameworks in a practice subsumed by exhausted rhetoric. Thanks for the words.

    I would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and perhaps execute projects (ideas) of sorts that tactically expose, experiment, and blast the urgency of a reconceptualized society that evolves in a gentle, gregarious, egalitarian manner. I worked with you in school and, since, become much more anxious and angry with modern interpretations of that labeled “urban” or pertaining to “landscape.”

    Let’s chat sometime. Maybe share manifestos…



  3. Drew

    p.s. – these discussions should take place during cocktail hour

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