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2 Simple Steps to Make Downtown LEX Better

There is so much positive energy, focus, and effort going on to make downtown better. From the Streetscape Project to the new Farmer’s Market Pavilion at Cheapside to the effort to make one block of Mill Street into a pedestrian mall, I’ve never seen so much going on downtown in my 27 years of living here.

But something still nags at me. As I walk and ride my bike around downtown, there still isn’t a pedestrian friendly ambiance. Instead, it’s all noise and speed and fumes and rumbling sidewalks. And I don’t think any of the great things that are happening now will in and of themselves, or even in total combination, solve those problems. We’ve got to get to the basics.

Fortunately, that’s simple. Here is a two step plan that can be started TODAY, will cost nothing (and in fact could bring in revenue), and will go farther to ensure the success of all the big projects than anything else we can do. Continue reading


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