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Our Hungry Children

As we prepare to gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving food, take one small moment and think about this:  One-half of all American children will live in a home that receives food stamps.  One kid in two in this country will be hungry at some point within the next few years.  What on Earth is happening here?  Aren’t we the richest, most innovative, best place to live in the whole world? And 50% of our kids go to bed hungry at night?

We are fortunate to live in Lexington, we really are.  Things aren’t too tough here right now.  We kinda have a sense that things are bad elsewhere, but we have no idea just how bad they are in most of the country. But this isolation also keeps our mind closed to reality. And in many ways has hardened our collective hearts.  These are our children, American children.  Yet we can’t think of any way out of this, and so many people don’t even seem to care.   They subscribe to belief that fault lies with the individual, not with the system.  But when half of our children are going hungry, there damn sure is something wrong with the system.

What are we becoming? Where will this lead?

Read more here: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5huS1aDImykHCJxUuyNW-fbMSAbMA


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Famine by price: we need food security now

Nearly everything that we will eat today has been touched by oil.  From the machines that do the plowing and planting, to the fertilizer and pesticides, to the machines that harvest, to the trucks that deliver it here, to the cars we drive to the store, oil is involved every step of the way.  Our food is drenched in it.

Over 70% of the oil that creates the food that we eat is imported, leaving it vulnerable to political turmoil.  Continue reading

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