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Forget Peak Oil (For A Moment…)

Even taking peak oil off the table, gas is going to get really expensive for Americans – and soon.  This will damage the national economy, but it will really hurt the average person, especially here in Kentucky.  We are the 6th most vulnerable state to gas price increases – meaning we have a combination of low wages and we drive more.  Our chosen pattern of auto dependent communities are not only soul destroying ugly, they will also make us poorer.

China will be the world’s largest car market this year.  Consumers there will buy over a million more cars than will be sold in the USA.  And right now only  a few million of the 1.3 billion people in China have cars…. Continue reading

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Kentucky 6th Most Vulnerable to High Gas Prices

(CNN) — “Americans are still far too dependent on foreign oil, and states aren’t doing enough to change that, according to a study by an environmental group ranking states on an “oil vulnerability” scale.

The annual index compiled by the Natural Resources Defense Council measures the effect of oil and gas price increases on people’s incomes. The survey also ranks the states that are doing the most to promote alternative energy sources.

Mississippi residents spent 9.14 percent, or on average $2,702, of their income on gas last year, according to the study. Montana ranked second on the survey. South Carolina was third, followed by Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, New Mexico and Georgia. Rounding out the Top 10 was Arkansas.

Residents in Connecticut ranked at the bottom of the list as the least likely to be affected by spiking gas prices, spending only 3.24 percent of their income, or on average $1,824.58, on fuel last year.”  read the full article: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/US/08/12/states.oil.price.vulnerability/index.html#cnnSTCText

Kentuckians spend nearly 7% of their yearly income on gasoline AT TODAY’S PRICES! ($2,178)  What happens to us when wages fall because of the economic crisis and globalization and yet gas prices continue to rise?

We are simply too poor to continue automobile centered planning policies in this state – we have to find another way or we are dooming our citizens to ever greater penury.

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