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Re-localization: Joel Salaltin

While I’ve got Joel’s message on my mind, listen to his comments from about 2 months ago – once he gets warmed up, he really nails it.

We cannot create a truly local economy until we reconnect to the world around us.   As Joel points out, now we are so disconnected.

Where does our water come from?  Where does our sewage go?  Our trash? Where does our food come from?  How was it produced? And, really provocatively, who do we work for?  This is the first part of a multi-part video – watch this one, and then make time for the others.


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Famine by price: we need food security now

Nearly everything that we will eat today has been touched by oil.  From the machines that do the plowing and planting, to the fertilizer and pesticides, to the machines that harvest, to the trucks that deliver it here, to the cars we drive to the store, oil is involved every step of the way.  Our food is drenched in it.

Over 70% of the oil that creates the food that we eat is imported, leaving it vulnerable to political turmoil.  Continue reading

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