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These are Good Times

Our lives are about to get harder, but better.  We live in the most optimistic time since World War 2.  The reason is that we are facing the greatest threat to a liberal way of life since then, and the outcome is in doubt, as it was at the beginning of that conflict.  This is the good news.

Our climate is getting worse by the day. Energy is at peak, and getting more expensive.  Globalism has proven to be a disaster to the first world, only slightly better for the second, and a disaster for the third world.   Continue reading

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Recovery? We’re being conned

Consumerism accounts for at least 2/3rds of the U.S. economy.  For our economy to bounce back then, we need for that 2/3rds to return to previous levels of spending.  And then obviously for the economy to grow, spending among that 2/3rds needs to increase.

Is it just me:  how on earth is this going to happen?  How will we ever return to previous levels of spending let alone grow it? Continue reading

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