Who said it?

“This is a president who believes that the American pie has now grown as large as it will ever get. It’s not going to get any bigger, so what he’s telling people across America is, ‘If you aren’t satisfied with your piece of the pie, and you think the man next to you has a bigger piece,’ he says, ‘I’ve got solution for you: I’ll take part of his piece – I’ll keep most of it – and I’ll give a little bit to you, and you should be happy because that’s what America is going to be under four more years of Barack Obama’.

Now we can’t have that because what Mitt Romney believes is that the size of the American pie is infinite, that the only thing – the only thing – that limits the size of the American pie is our work ethic, our integrity, our ingenuity, and that means America’s pie is limitless.”

New Jersey Chris Christie, last week.  Forget the class warefare these rich guys are waging.  Focus instead on the typical American belief, held perhaps by a majority of people in both parties:  there are no limits for Americans. This is really what we want to hear:  human brainpower can overcome the simple physical fact that we live on a finite planet.

Yes, the ONLY thing that limits us is American values! Certainly not something so dumb as the laws of nature.  That’s sissy stuff for wimps.  We Americans can – and should – do anything and everything we want.

I see this in our future:  when the limits that we are forced to live with close in ever more around us, our country will do whatever it takes to keep the illusion alive.  We have built the largest war machine ever imagined on this planet.  We’ll use it take our “fair share” of whatever it is that we want, wherever it is.  Future history books, if there are any, will not be kind toward our dearly held “American values.”

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