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“By the end of the century the fossil fuels that sustain our civilization will be depleted. Past civilizations built on a single resource have not survived. Past civilizations depleted their resource in a region. Ours has depleted it essential resource from all the earth, a resource that can never recover. By the end of the century energy resources will total only ten to twenty percent of the amount needed to provide the current lifestyle for the large population. The world’s ten billion will face daunting problems;
  • Feed them without nitrogen fertilizers and bulk transport
  • Clothe them with only natural fibers
  • House them without oil or gas heat
  • Sustain and satisfy millions of permanently unemployed
  • Provide water in a changed environment
  • Build structures without oil and gas to harvest energy from renewable sources
  • Provide adequate information recording, processing and distribution
 These problems and others must be solved within the lifetime of a person born today.
If people of the 21st century can apply ingenuity to a declining lifestyle as they did to the improving lifestyle of the 20th century, perhaps the inevitable changes can be made in an orderly way.”

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